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Food is love for most of the people and for others its life. Apart from a survival means that fills your stomach, food helps in lifting your mood, leaving a pleasant taste in your mouth and whiling away your time. Just as life is incomplete without food, a discussion on best cuisines sans mention about the Indian food will be deficient. The distinct dishes prepared with a gamut of spices blended with exotic ingredients are ecstatic affairs for every food lover. A number of restaurants claim to be best Indian restaurant in Houston, though their servings do not constitute the authentic indigenous flavours. Hot Bits is a place that has held its own amidst such superficial assertions. It has managed to serve the most delightful Indian food to its customers since their inception.

Hot Bits - the Best Indian Restaurant in Houston for a Dose of Spiciness

Spices have always been the most marketable aspect of the Indian food. In fact, an Indian dish without spices is like having cocktail without alcohol. Hot Bits, being the best Indian restaurant in Houston, knows how to create magic with spices. Before talking more about them, we need to clear a few basic things about these wonderful seasonings.

What are Indian Spices?

Indian Spices are flavour-releasing substances usually bark, seeds, roots, leaves or fruits, but they are different from herbs that are obtained similarly.

Why and How are they Used?

Spices are used to lend a particular texture and taste to food. They also have individual aroma that enhance the feel of a dish. The spices are added in grounded or solid form at various points of time during cooking.

How Hot Bits Retain the Magic of Authentic Indian Spices?

Hot Bits gives the perfect Indian culinary experience to Indians, non-Indians dwellers in Houston or people travelling to metropolis. Be it vegetarian or meaty delights, the fast casual Indian restaurant have the best solution to your hunger yearnings. Their servings of fast food and rich curries are equally sumptuous due to the prudent combination of various spices.

Rejuvenate Your Taste Buds with Delicacies from Best Indian Restaurant in Houston

It is difficult to find a restaurant that serves Indian food as they are supposed to be. If you are confused among many options, get a delicious end to your hunt of Best Indian Restaurant in Houston in Hot Bits. The place has a refreshing Indian menu that comprises of Indian street food and popular curry items, each excelling in taste. Apart from these, there are common favourites like burgers, pizzas, desserts and beverages to cater to the diverse preferences. Try Hot Bits, for a supreme dine-out, home delivery or catering experience.

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