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The popularity of Halal food is growing increasingly. This has brought a great change in the restaurants’ servings in Katy, TX and all over Canada. A few years back it was not easy for people to avail Halal food in Katy, TX. The surging Islamic population and the awareness about Halal meat have given rise to this phenomenon. Indian restaurants abroad have also adapted to this culture and HotBits is not behind.

Halal Food in Katy, TX for a Soulful Meal at HotBits

What is meant by Halal Food?

Halal meats are those, which are permissible for consumption by Islamic Law or Shari’ah. Any quick meal that uses Halal meat as its ingredient constitutes Halal food in Katy, TX and globally. For meat or poultry to be termed Halal –

  • Islamic Law prescribes a special technique of slaughtering. It involves cutting by a single swipe through the jugular vein, carotid artery and windpipe of an animal using a sharp knife.
  • The carcass should be free of all the flowing blood through draining process. A Muslim, who slaughters must recite the Shahada or Tasmiya, which is a holy prayer to show dedication to the devout.
  • Swine flesh does not count in Halal meat; Islam forbids the consumption of pork by all means. Hence, it is not used to prepare Halal food in Katy, TX,+
  • Slaughtering of animals, which are already dead, is acceptable. Moreover, animals should not be suffering from any disease or illness before the process.

In addition to these, an Islamic slaughterer must observe many other things to comply with Halal food standards.

What are the popular Halal Food?

Well, there is a wide variety of food related to the Halal category. Any non-vegetarian item with meat content may be Halal, if a restaurant or food outlet owner aims to be specific with that. Some of the instances of Halal food in Katy, TX are –

Chicken Kabab and Mutton Kabab Burger, Chicken and Mutton Kati Rolls, Chicken 65, Chicken Pizza, Chicken Club Sandwich, Chicken Noodles, Chicken Tikka Masala, Chicken Butter Masala, Chilli Chicken and Chicken Nuggets.

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HotBits, a restaurant specialising in Indian fast food or street food has a well-designed menu of vegetarian and non-vegetarian food. We try our best to bring the original flavours in different recipes of Halal Food and best fast food in . With our tempting food and excellent customer service, we ensure the ultimate snacking experience for all our customers. Prospective customers can order at the comfort of their home or at our restaurant. They can even avail our catering services to complete their events.

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