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The craze for Indian food is not limited to India – but spreads to other countries as well. Houston and its surrounding areas, as well as, other areas of London have many Indian restaurants. However, HotBits override them all with their consistency in delivering the best taste to the customers. They serve the best Indian street food in Houston in their attempt to keep bringing their customers back.

The restaurant aims to cater to the taste buds of vegetarians, who cannot find their favourite snacks everywhere. If you are a vegetarian and need a break from the regular food cooked at home, HotBits is the place for you. We have a diverse menu ranging from burgers to meat curries keeping the preferences of customers loving Indian street food in Houston.

Get Servings of Best Indian Street Food in Houston in Your Plate

Indian street food encompasses a range of sweet and savoury food items originating from various regions of India. Besides, it has also embraced a number of indigenous items from other countries, but in a modified way. Some of the most popular recipes of Indian Street Food in Houston that HotBits include are –

Vada Pav: A highly popular street food that offers a quick relief from small hunger pangs for many working professionals. It can be referred to as Desi version of the renowned Burgers. It is made with bun sliced into half and stuffed with potato dumpling loaded with spices and deep-fried. Add to it the cilantro and garlic Chutneys and you are ready for a tasty joyride.

Kati Roll: Another marvel of an Indian street food in Houston, Kati Rolls have conquered the world with its filling and delectable qualities. The term Kati here signifies a Kebab roasted on a skewer and wrapped inside the Paratha. Some crunchy vegetables and sauced added to the stuffing enhances the flavour of the dish.

Samosa Chaat: The coming together of the crunchy Samosa and the Chickpea gravy, is a terrific option for traditional snacks lovers. It is quite widely sold Indian Street Food in Houston and HotBits serves it in best form. The tangy and spicy fast food also contains dollops of yoghurt and seasonings to spice things up.

Chole Bature: Originated in North India, this item is a good breakaway from the routine breakfasts cooked at home. It is liked by people across all age groups and consists of Chole or Chana Masala along with Bature, which is distinct leavened, fried bread made with white flour. It a spicy and tasty dish easily found Indian street food in Houston.

Mango Lassi: For complementing all the dishes mentioned above, there can be no greater option than a Lassi. The yoghurt-based sweet beverage topped with spices. When combined with the abundantly liked Mango, it becomes even more tasty and desirable. The shake can help you seal your meal in right way.

HotBits to Avail Your Favourite Indian Street Food in Houston

With such an exciting line-up of Indian delicacies, HotBits is obviously a leading fast food restaurant in Houston. If you are not into the above-mentioned items, you may try the Burger, Pizza, Maggi, even Mughlai curries and Chinese noodles and have a helluva of a meal. There is no scope of returning unsatiated, when you have a joint serving almost all the popular Indian street food in Houston. We also offer home delivery for the customers, who wish to consume the best without sacrificing the domestic comfort. Moreover, our top-notch catering service is capable of improving the feel of your celebrations.

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