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Welcome To HotBits
We don't serve food. We serve up love.
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Welcome To HotBits
We don't serve food. We serve up love.
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Welcome to an excellent exploration of India’s culture through it’s cuisine at ‘HOTBITS’. Indian cuisine is known by its sophisticated use of exotic spices and herbs since ancient days. Food is an integral part of India’s culture with varied cuisines differing according to its community and culture. Our cuisine is distinguished by a great variety of food, spices and cooking techniques.

We always wish to serve our society with food that touches the soul and brings to life the Indian culture. Hotbits’ main course typically includes Tandoor items like Murg malai, Reshmi kabab, Sizzlers with mixed grill or ‘Rack of lamb’. We also have variety of vegetarian as well as non vegetarian entrees (chicken, goat or lamb) cooked in rich aromatic spices. Specialities include Paneer / chicken butter or tikka masala, chicken / goat / lamb Korma and highly recommended vindaloo or Rogan Josh. Variety of Biryani in fragrant basmati rice and traditional butter or garlic naan are welcoming compliments to our menu.

Best Catering Services in Katy, TX


Enjoy An Exceptional Journey of Taste

We see our customers as invited guests to a party, and we are the hosts. It’s our job every day to make every important aspect of the customer experience a little bit better. 

Best Indian food catering near me
Best Indian food catering near me



Veg Manchurian

a tasty Indo Chinese dish of fried veggie balls in a spicy, sweet, and tangy sauce

American Corn Salt and Pepper

Wok fried corn


Crispy fried chicken with sea salt and black pepper

Khug-Pao Chicken

Wok fried chicken in soya, nuts and sauces



Paneer Tikka Butter Masala

Grilled cottage cheese stewed in a creamy tangy tomato gravy

Malai Qubani Kofta

Our Chef’s special Cottage cheese dumplings lled with apricot and served in tomato and cashew gravy

Murgh Kali Mirch

Semi gravy preparation of chicken cooked in tandoor laced with tangy onion tomato gravy with peppercorns

Rara Gosht

Slow cooked tender lamb chunks minced with traditional spice mix



Citrus Chatka

Citrus flavored juice with ginger and black salt

Kashmiri Hare Seb ka Panna

Green apple and smoked mango spiked drink

Melon Jaljeera

Fresh watermelon twisted with jaljeera

Cranberry Fizz

Refreshing mix of lime and mint)

Our Menu

Indian Food Catering Services in USA


Vegetarian delicacies served with a side of rice

Indian Food Catering Services in USA


Chicken delicacies served with a side of rice


Freshly baked Naans, Rotis and Paratha in Tandoor Oven

Indian Food Catering Services in USA


Basmati Rice

Indian Food Catering Services in USA


Freshly made Kababs and Tikka in Tandoor Oven

Indian Food Catering Services in USA


Goat delicacies served with a side of rice

Indian Food Catering Services in USA


Lamb delicacies served with a side of rice

Indian Food Catering Services in USA


Shrimp delicacies served with a side of rice

Best Indian food catering near me
Best Indian food catering near me



Simple and balanced. HotBits brings together flavors and specialties from India and beyond to create his own culinary world, full of surprising artistry.



We have many packages for you to choose from for your event. Give atleast 24 hours of advance notice so that we can be better prepared to serve and accomodate all your needs.
For Catering Details call 832-422-5079.

Best Indian restaurant in USA
Best Indian restaurant in USA

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A Pool of Delicious Cuisines


A "pool of delicious cuisines" is a group of different, tasty dishes from different cultures and parts of the world that offer food lovers a wide range of culinary experiences. These cuisines are often characterised by unique ingredients, cooking techniques, and presentation styles that reflect the cultural heritage and traditions of their respective origins.

About the hot bits

We are making some efforts for you to have specific Indian catering services in the USA, and it will be full of authentic spices, texture, and of course taste as original. In this blog post, we will discuss the challenges of finding authentic Indian food Catering Services in USA and provide some tips on how to locate restaurants that serve traditional dishes. We will also explore some popular Indian dishes and their ingredients to help you better understand the flavors and spices used in Indian cooking Indian Catering Services.

Advantages of Eating a Pool of Delicious Cuisines

Variety of flavours and textures

By eating a variety of tasty foods, you can learn about different cultures and their food traditions. This will help you develop a better taste for and understanding of food from around the world. Additionally, incorporating a variety of flavours and textures into your diet can prevent boredom and increase the enjoyment of meals.

Nutritional benefits

If we talk about the nutritional benefits, then you do not have to worry about them because the list of dishes offered at Hot Bits is very nutritious and delicious as well. Some names from our menu are: chicken entrees (chicken specialties with a rice side dish), vegetarian entrees, and of course the mostly loved Indian appetizers. All of these have rich nutrients like proteins, healthy carbs, etc.

In addition to the nutritional benefits, Hot Bits also offers a cozy and welcoming atmosphere for customers to enjoy their meals. The restaurant is great for both casual and formal dining because of its friendly staff and comfortable seating.

Expanding cultural horizons

Trying new foods from different cultures can be a great way to expand one's culinary horizons and learn about different traditions and customs. It can also be a fun way to connect with people from diverse backgrounds. And the hot bits are doing the same, representing Best Indian Restaurant in USA Cooking and sharing food is a universal language that can bring people together and foster cultural exchange. It can also break down cultural barriers and create a sense of community, making it a great way to learn about different cultures while enjoying delicious food Best Indian Food Restaurants in Katy.

Additionally, representing Best Indian Food Catering near me can also promote cultural exchange and understanding between the two countries. By cooking and sharing food from different cultures, individuals can share their culture and connect with others who may not have had exposure to it before.

How to Create a Pool of Delicious Cuisines

Mix and match cuisines

This can be done by combining ingredients and flavours from different cultures. For example, you could mix Mexican and Asian flavours or Mediterranean and Indian spices. It is important to ensure that the dishes complement each other and create a cohesive menu. Best Catering Services in Katy,TX has a wide variety of dishes from its 29 different states.

Experiment with different ingredients.

Mixing up different ingredients can be a fun and creative way to discover new flavors and textures. Don't be afraid to try out unconventional combinations; you might just stumble upon a new favourite dish! As our base of cuisine is Indian, it has a wide variety of spices, which eventually allow us to experiment while maintaining the same authentic taste of India.

Use recipes from different countries.

It may concern many people that if it's not in India, then what about the recipes? So we assure you that doing experiments with spices is just to create new recipes, but we do maintain the authenticity of recipes while making authentic dishes Indian Restaurant near me Katy,TX.


In conclusion, eating a variety of tasty foods is not only fun but also good for your health in many ways. Adding different flavours and ingredients to your diet can make you happier and healthier. For example, it can help you digest food better and boost your immune system.

Serving people with food that warms the heart and enlivens Indian culture is one of our highest aspirations. Tandoor specialties like Murg malai and Reshmi kabab, along with sizzlers and mixed grill, or rack of lamb,are typical main courses at Hotbits. Both vegetarian and non-vegetarian entrees (chicken, goat, and lamb) are available, all of which are prepared with a wide range of fragrant spices. Paneer, chicken, goat, or lamb Korma, vindaloo, or rogan josh are just a few of the dishes that stand out as house specialties. Our menu is complemented nicely by traditional butter or garlic naan and a selection of biryani made with fragrant basmati rice.

4.5/5 (15 Reviews)